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In truth this journey all started in 2003 when our first baby Euan was born and I really got to know about Bugaboo and had my eyes opened to the huge expanse of baby (and then childrens) products that were available. By the time Seb (born 2006) and Leo (born in 2009) had outgrown the confines of our beloved Bugaboo Chameleon I was well versed in what was good, what was necessary and what was, being honest a bit of a waste of money! Like many Bugaboo owners I had been told that the resale value would be excellent, so pictures taken, descriptions written I was ready to eBay my beautiful pushchair. True to form we got plenty of interest and after a little bit of late night eBay-stalking I realised that the people bidding, watching and asking questions were not new parents looking for a bargain, they were people who would service, repair and clean up second hand Bugaboo's and sell them on. From here (as you can imagine) an idea was formed. 

So in 2011 I started BabyBeSmart Bugaboo Pre Loved Pushchairs and Accessories - selling outstanding examples of second-hand Bugaboo pushchairs, the Cameleon, the Donkey and the Bee Plus, to customers nationwide. To this day we pride ourselves on being Bugaboo specialists, although now our focus is predominantly on very shiney new ones. 

In 2013 we opened our first shop BabyBe: based in St. Neots town centre, Cambridgeshire. A quirky boutique in which we brought to St. Neots and the surrounding areas, a niche range of beautiful products, all hand-picked for our customers, from 'Parent - to - Parent' aiming to fulfill every new Mums wish list.  

After three very successful years in St. Neots we decided we needed a bit more space and most importantly onsite car parking to allow us to do the all important 'boot test' with new parents. In July 2016 we opened BabyBe: in Offord Darcy, Cambridgeshire a few miles from our original site but with the space and facilities we needed to offer a complete new parent service. 

Amidst all of this exciting stuff we were blessed with a new bundle of baby boy joy in April 2017. Reu has taken us right back to the start and the wonderful world of newborn parenting, giving us a great excuse to get to know some new brands as well as revisiting some wellknown ones - our second, very lovely Bugaboo Chameleon is in constant use.

Our focus remains on fashionable and key brands from the UK and across Europe, within the wold of Pushchairs, children's decor, children's clothing and basic essentials.  Brands such as Silver Cross, UppaBaby and iCandy now sit as beautiful alternatives to our extensive range of Bugaboo's. We have also become BeSafe stockists for perhaps the most important products to keep our precious little people safe. On the furniture side we can now showcase the best of modern and the more traditional with great pieces from Silver Cross, Boori and Kidsmill. Our shop would not of course be complete without a fantastic range of sleepwear, organic bedding and all the useful bits we have used and loved with our children. These brands include Snuz, Little Green Sheep, ErgoPouch, Shnuggle Bath and Sophie Giraffe - to name just a few; all brands which are currently leading the way in the world of Parenthood.

We now employ four very lovely ladies; they are all big fans of the products we stock, have been thoroughly trained by our brands and most importantly by their own experience as mummies or from their work with babies, toddlers and children. The three Amy's (I promise this was unintentional) and Kris our newest recruit are always on hand to support you, our very valued customers. With the opening of BabyTea we hope to create a hub for parents and welcome you with a cup of tea and a friendly face. This space has also allowed us to start running First Aid courses and this year hopefully a wider range of classes, groups and opportunities for mums, dads and babies to get together - if you want to be the first Baby Shower in BabyBe: then let us know!

I look forward to seeing you in the shop, if you have an questions please always feel free to get in touch and do not be alarmed if you get a 2am response, Reu is not a sleeper as yet (but we are working on it,with a little help from Ewan the Dream Sheep).

Katy x 

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